The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.


Parents need to apply for it, if they wish to access $125 per year for eligible primary school students.


Submit an application


If you applied for the CSEF at your child's school in 2017, you do not need to complete an application form in 2018 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances. Your child's school will apply for the CSEF on your behalf.


You will only need to submit an application form in 2018 if any of the following changes have occurred:


  • new student enrolments: your child has started or changed schools in 2018 or you did not apply at the same school in 2017 or
  • changed family circumstances: such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing at the school in 2018.


Schools are able to accept and process applications up until the end of term two each year.


CSEF payments are made to schools from March onwards each year.


CSEF Application Form: Click Here