Cyber Safety

Cybersafety in School : The Australian Government recognises student wellbeing and safety are essential for academic and social development. All students should be able to learn and develop in safe, supportive and respectful environments. Australian schools, families and communities all have a responsibility to provide safe online environments and teach children how to use technology in positive and productive ways.

Student Wellbeing Hub : Feeling safe and supported is the right of everyone in the school community. The resources available on the Student Wellbeing Hub help to create learning communities that promote student wellbeing and the development of respectful relationships. The Hub is guided by the principles of the National Safe Schools Framework, which highlight the importance of educators, parents and students working together. We can make a difference, starting now.

Bullying, No Way!  Safe Australian School Together

Office of Children's eSafety Commissioner: The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner  is a one stop shop for online safety. The Office provides Australians with a range of up-to-date information and resources, coupled with a comprehensive complaints scheme to assist children and young people who experience serious cyberbullying.

Hector's World:  A resources that students at Mossfiel have been shown in regards to Cyber Safety

Buddy Bench : Our school has a colourful Buddy Bench, for students to sit on when they are in need of a friend to play with during break times. Other students will see any student/s sitting on the Buddy Bench and invite them to play as part of their friendship group.