Grievance Policy


At times parents may have concerns they wish to take up with the school. Mossfiel Primary School welcomes this feedback and encourages parents to raise issues so they can be dealt with speedily and resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned. 


Parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to contact their child’s school in the first instance on all matters involving their child’s education.


Step 1

Identify your topic or issue. Making notes is a good idea as it ensures that you cover all points. Think about the possible resolution you would like to discuss.

Step 2

Contact the school and speak to your child’s classroom teacher in the first instance and/or the Team Leader for your child’s department to resolve the issue. Please approach and speak with all staff in an appropriate manner.

If after doing this you feel the matter is still unresolved then contacting the Principal or Assistant Principals may be an appropriate way forward for you. This may include organising a meeting for a mutually convenient time.

Step 3

Meet with the school’s Principal or Assistant Principals or teacher. If a classroom teacher is to be present try meeting outside of classroom hours. This, for the vast majority of issues should, assist in resolving the matter.

Step 4

If the matter is unresolved at the school level, you may wish to discuss it further with the community liaison officer at your regional office. Contact your local Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Regional Office: Western Metropolitan Region, Phone: 9291 6500.

Step 5

If the matter is unresolved at the regional level you can address your complaint in writing to the Deputy Secretary, Office of School Education, c/o Manager, Community and Stakeholder Relations Branch, 33 St. Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3000 Evaluation: In accordance with Department Guidelines References: DEECD – Victorian Schools Reference Guide This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle