Literacy receives a high priority at Mossfiel Primary School. Our programs seek to cater for the students’ individual learning needs which are measured and addressed through regular assessment and small group instruction. Intervention by specialists is conducted for targeted needs groups.

Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening skills are learned at Mossfiel Primary School and are planned and taught according to the recommendations of the AusVels, the National Australian Curriculum.

Both Reading and Writing are explored through genre studies looking at the different text types (such as); informational, expositional, instructional, narrative, persuasive, descriptive, recount and personal recount.

At Mossfiel, school based literacy coaching and Professional Development of our teachers in best practice is ongoing and across the year levels.

There are five two hour literacy blocks each dedicated to Reading and Writing with Speaking and Listening incorporated throughout. 


Each classroom has a well-resourced library and wide selection of targeted take home books, as well as levelled reading and phonics software.

Throughout the year and across the school, critical reading strategies are learned; Inferring, Summarising, Think Aloud, Questioning and Predicting and using Prior Knowledge. Our emphasis is on setting learners up for lifelong success by encouraging them to engage critically with the text and read for meaning and understanding. Phonics and Spelling skills are explicitly taught alongside these strategies.

Students at Mossfiel Primary School are encouraged to participate in The Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge and many of our students celebrate this achievement each year.


Students are encouraged and supported to think of themselves as writers. They are encouraged to think of themselves and the world around  them as valid and interesting sources of ideas to write about. We want our students to become competent and confident writers who are in control of their own writing.

Students use their “Writer’s Notebooks” to journal their thoughts and ideas. They are then taught the skills of polishing their writing through the writing cycle and its stages of; drafting, revising, editing and publishing.