Our goal at Mossfiel Primary School in delivering the AUSVELS Curriculum is  to make maths relevant, enjoyable and accessible to all students across all the Dimensions. We seek cater for different learning styles and abilities within our programs.

 Each year level at school has a fundamental and successive focus referred to as a “Big Idea”;

 Foundation – Trusting the Count

 Year 1 /2 – Place Value

Years 3 /4- Multiplicative Thinking

Years 5/6 – Partitioning

 Teams meet with Numeracy Coaches each term to plan their programs. Teachers across the year levels receive coaching and Professional Development in Numeracy is regularly attended by various staff to ensure best practise is achieved. Maths lessons incorporate a variety of open ended, problem-solving questions that stimulate and extend students learning. We also maintain a strong focus on the importance of building and developing “Mathematical Vocabulary.” Learning goals are clearly stated and displayed for students’ reference.  Students have access to excellent resources and concrete materials in each classroom.

Maths occurs on a daily basis and for a total of five hours a week. There is a warm up, tune in and then exploration of concepts followed by a reflection where strategies and learnings are shared. There is ongoing assessment and moderation within the school-based teams including Data Analysis sessions which inform planning. MOI (Maths Online Interview) is administered on school entry and at various times up to the end of year 4. Beyond that State-Required Adaptive On –Demand Testing takes place until Year 6.

We believe that family involvement and interest in all areas of learning is vital and to encourage this a Family Maths Night is hosted each year with an excellent participation. Students also participate in “March into Maths” in the month of March where they can choose from a Rubric of fun maths activities to do at home and present to their class when they have finished.

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