Physical Education

Mossfiel Primary School is well resourced and equipped in delivering its Health and Physical Education program.

We have a modern synthetic oval, cricket nets, basketball and netball courts, full sized gymnasium and comprehensive equipment that are central to expose all students to many different team and individual sports.

Time allotments for Foundation to year -2 is 100 minutes per week, which increases to 150 minutes per week for students in year

s 3-6. Areas covered are; Athletics, Gymnastics, PMP, Games, Outdoor Education, Movement Exploration, Swimming, cross country and major sports (during inter-school sport). Classroom teachers are involved in student fitness development and promotion.

Students participate within their House Teams; Fraser, Cuthbert, Laver and Bradman at various whole school events and there is inter-school sport for students in grade 5/6. Grade 6 students get preference.

In our Physical Education Program Basic Motor Skills such as: running, hopping, jumping, skipping, catching, throwing, kicking, rolling, balancing, twisting and turning are learned. As are Fundamental Motor Skills such as catch, kick, run, vertical jump, overarm throw, ball bounce, leap, dodge, punt, forehand strike and two-hand side-arm strike. Students also learn about Movement in sport:  stopping, starting, springing, landing, changing direction and speed. These skills are taught through sessions consisting of explanation demonstration and practice. Students learn simple rules to a wide range of games, procedures for safe movement, following instructions. They learn about safe use of equipment: range of balls, ropes, hoops, stilts, scooter boards, batons, hurdles and a range of other athletic equipment. They  learn strategies and tactics to games and to work with group members in game situations.

Our Swimming program takes place over 8 days at the Paul Saddler Swim School. Swimming covers water confidence, entry and exiting from shallow water, floating with and without a buoyancy aid and kicking.

School Athletics carnival in August in preparation for the district athletics carnival. Lunchtime Gym games are available every lunch time for students across all years levels.

Our Active Kids Program for students in years 3-4 provides excellent opportunities for expert coaches to train students in a variety of sports. This program helps to promote healthy lifestyles and eating with the support of family.