Social and Emotional

At Mossfiel Primary School we value the importance of all students having the opportunity to learn in a safe, caring environment. Every class has at least a 50 minute session a week focusing on the Social and Emotional Learning of each student.

At Mossfiel Primary we want everyone in our school community to feel safe and happy. It is important we think about how consequences of our actions affect the people around us.

Our message to the children is that when all students follow these guidelines, they are all looking after each other’s wellbeing.

At the start of each year, students and staff work through Mossfiel’s Student Code and agree among what are the individual expectations in the classroom as well as what is expected across the school. These expectations are often referred into throughout the year.

To view Mossfiel Primary’s School Code of Conduct: Click Here.

Our School has a digital citizenship agreement, which outlines the school’s expectations in relation to digital technologies when using computers, iPads, digital cameras, digital recording devices. The digital citizenship agreement is part of the School’s Code of Conduct.